Friday, May 25, 2012

Partial Mash Day

I brew solo most of the time. I tend to brew on random nights after work, Mondays or Tuesdays. If I am sure that I will brew I have my starter going a few days ahead of time. Maybe I get sidetracked and throw it in the fridge. Usually I have it planned out a bit though.

Lately I have been enjoying brewing with someone else. I've been brewing with The Heal Brother's every month now since November. Yesterday, I brewed with the first person to get me into homebrewing. Tim brews 5 gallon extract batches. Last year, one year ago, we brewed an all grain Amarillo Pale Wheat. This year we decided to brew again, almost a year ago to the day. Memorial Day weekend 2012 was a partial mash year. But yet again, a single hop year. Tim has the best homegrown hop system that I've seen. I counted sixteen, 25-30ft lines spanning across his homestead stretching up the side of the house, or up the newest contraption dubbed, Good Ship Hoppy Hop or Hopistad (Amistad). Yes, it looks like a ship.

I forgot how fun Partial Mashes can be. Granted we did use 6lbs of grain on what should be a pretty decent Citra Pale Ale. The well water on the property is outstanding. I get so use to filtered Philadelphia water that I forgot that something so delicious still comes out to the earth as close to as 50 miles from my house. This is a low gravity beer, session-like beer. I am hoping to have it bottled in 3 weeks.

Citra Pale Ale
2 Row, Wheat, Victory, Crystal 40, Carapils
Citra Hops
Monocacy Water
California Ale Yeast


  1. nice! glad to see you and tim are keeping it going - and the new hop contraption looks great...

    missing the brews, the brewing, and the camaraderie!

  2. Yes, that thing looks pretty great. Hopefully all the hops will be used and frozen this year. Missing your brews more than anything. I hope that your travels bring new and interesting ideas.