Saturday, May 12, 2012

Imperial Black Ale

I've got about a week to go before I bottle this one. The past few months have been devoted to brewing Belgians and I am in need of a well hopped American IPA. This beer was my first time fermenting on a yeast cake. It was everything that you have read about. It took off in about 2 hours and was vigorous for about 4 solid days. I didn't hit my original gravity, 1.102, but at 1.094 I was still pretty pleased. My worry came from pitching a 3 gallon batch onto the cake from a 5 gallon batch and getting some off flavors from stress. I also adding a bit of dextrose at high krausen. I was pleased to find out a week later that everything when fine. I did get great attenuation and 2 months later it is sitting at around 9.8%. I am excited for a first tasting post.
Sweet Honey: Joyce Hemsley

'Good Morning hairy bumble bee
Have you stopped by to talk with me?
You seem to be in a frantic rush
Humming and buzzing from bush to bush.

A little bird told me the story
At the end of summer you must die,
I will miss your yellow striped body
Humming and buzzing and drifting by.

But please, don't ever try to sting me.
Because if you do, you'll surely die
And I would be so full of sorrow...
So bumble bee, don't even try!

Just peacefully collect the nectar
From your favorite summer flower
And I will live in gratitude
As your sweet honey I devour.'

Imperial Black IPA
Maris Otter, 2 Row, Crystal 80, Carafa III, Chocolate, Orange Blossom Honey
Columbus, Motueka, Citra, Galaxy
American Ale 2


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