Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tasting: Table Saison

This is the 5th saison that I brewed over the past year. I haven't found the right mix and match until now though. A German Pils base malt was attempted in two of them. An American 2 Row in another. I usually use a a Wyeast Belgian Saison and have tried both American citrus hops and Noble variety. Some I have herbed with sage and some with coriander and pepper. I have oaked and fruited some and usually feel underwhelmed with my overall expectations.

I aimed for a 4.5%< on this one. My first few uses on my new mash tun left me with very poor efficiency. I first thought that it was due to heat loss when using under 10lbs of grain. The false bottom also threw me off with my water to grain ratio. Insulating the pot helped in no way shape or form. I now find the direct heat method works wonders. A low maintenance flame and stirring every 15 mins as done the trick.

The yeast/ hop combo is what I am most pleased about with this recipe. I used a saved/ washed White Labs 510 Bastogne Belgian Ale with EKG hops and 60 mins and Sorachi Ace at the end of the 75 min boil. I currently have 2 other batches fermenting on this yeast ( a dark farmhouse-style with JP dregs and a Strong Belgian Pale w/ Brett B). Neither recipe says much about the primary yeast strain anymore, however, the Farmhouse is coming along nicely and just about ready to be bottled.

This saison has a very light body, spicy upfront with a nice lemon aftertaste. The Sorachi Ace work nice with the honey malt. A slightly higher mash temp kept it from turning out too dry and primary fermentation was at around 72-75 degrees. My saisons brewed mid summer are always fermented around the mid-80s. With this saison ready before Summer officially hits, I am sure that it will be gone by before July comes around.

Table Saison (Saison Lan)
Belgian Pils, Honey Malt, Caravienne, Wheat
EKG and Sorachi Ace
WL 510 Bastogne Belgian Ale

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