Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Road Trip

Thursdays are usually a local night. We hike down the beautiful hills of Roxborough until we reach the corner of Terrace and Salaignac, Terrace Taproom. But this past week was a road trip. The Slingluff Gallery needed their monthly beer from the folks at Sly Fox. A Thursday night road trip. After a bit of a back up on the Schuylkill and meandering route through Conshy we were Royersford bound.

"The Fox In The Snow"

Fox in the snow, where do you go
To find something you can eat?
Cause the word out on the street is you are starving
Don't let yourself grow hungry now
Don't let yourself grow cold
Fox in the snow
Girl in the snow, where will you go
To find someone that will do?
To tell someone all the truth before it kills you
They listen to your crazy laugh
Before you hang a right
And disappear from sight
What do they know anyway?
You'll read it in a book
What do they know anyway?
You'll read it in a book tonight

Boy on the bike, what are you like
As you cycle round the town?
You're going up, you're going down
You're going nowhere
It's not as if they're paying you
It's not as if it's fun
At least not anymore
When your legs are black and blue
It's time to take a break
When your legs are black and blue
It's time to take a holiday

Kid in the snow, way to go
It only happens once a year
It only happens once a lifetime
Make the most of it
Second just to being born
Second to dying to
What else could you do?

A great thing about Sly Fox is that they usually have 12 drafts on and at least 3 that are seasonal or one-offs. Most of the table drank O'Reilly's Stout, and although their were a few on hand that I have either had in cans or their 22ozs, I opted for a style that I find myself drinking more and more these days, the Smoked Porter. I've enjoying Left Hand's Fade to Black a lot recently. As far as any of Sly Fox's smoked beers go, well, they lay heavy on the smoke. But heavy or not, it was a delight. Spring is now here and it is time to put away the Belle and Sebastian albums (Well, at least, If You're Feeling Sinister) and cellar your cold weather brews either for a Spring cold patch or until December finds us.
If you find yourself in the Phoenixville area, head over to Sly Fox's annual Bock Fest and Goat Race.

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