Monday, October 17, 2011

Batch #18

Bourbon Cherry Wood Chocolate Stout
2 Row, Chocolate Malt, Crystal, Black Malt and Carafa Malts.
Cacao Powder, Dark Chocolate, Cherry-Wood, Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon
East Kent Goldings and Fuggle Hops
London Ale Yeast w/ starter.

After Primary Fermentation was complete I split this batch in two 3 gallon carboys. 2.5 gallons is from the recipe listed above. The second carboy is minus the cherry wood and vanilla. Bourbon has added a bit of vanilla flavor to my past batches, but I am hoping to have this one finish with it instead of it being more forward. The cherry wood for this batch was a gift given to me in a 5 foot plank that I have dried, sanded and cut into cubes. I have 2.5 ounces of cubes in 6 ounces of bourbon.  This will age for a minimum of 4 weeks and if my will power servers me right, more like 8 weeks. The vanilla extract used is a gift from another friend and contributor, Doog in Belize. I added about a tablespoon (+/-).


  1. Sounds awesome Kevin. I love boubon, beer, and almost anything that combine the two. The cherrywood should be a nice touch. How long have you been at the homebrewing? Seems like you are into some fairly advanced techniques. I've considered trying it sometime but for now I'm happy to just be a consumer.

  2. I've only been at it for a year and a half. I try to brew at least 2x a month though. I am still a heavy consumer but I love to brew more now. Your blog is great.