Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Owl Spotting: Hitachino

As much as I have enjoyed listing all the delicious beers that I am fortunate enough to drink in Philadelphia, I must say, that it is time for something different. Surely when I find myself in the mist of a rare or great beer week, I will document it. And of course, any Beercation, will have a pad and pen along at every stop. I'd like to spend a wee bit more time talking about individual beers, brewing companies, homebrewing, taprooms and bottle shops. So keep reading and enjoy the poems.

The Owls
Charles Baudelaire

Under the overhanging yews,
the dark owls sit in solemn state
like stranger gods: in twos and twos
their red eyes gleam. They meditate.

Motionless thus they sit and dream
until that melancholy hour
when, with the suns last fading gleam,
the nightly shades assume their power.

From their still attitude the wise
will learn with terror and despise
all tumult, movement, and unrest:

For he who follows every shade,
carries the memory in his breast,
of each unhappy journey made.

This poem was sparked by my new love, Hitachino Nest.  During the Summer Beercation in Philly, Dooglas pointed out a white ale that I never tried. I saw the name and then I saw the state, no, the country: Japan. A Japanese microbrew. Awesome. Hitachino Nest is a product of Kiuchi Brewery. It was established in the early 1800s and from I was able to round up, Sake was their seller.They have quite a few beers available, but their Real Ginger, Red Rice, White and Classic Ale were all that I have had.

The Classic was a great IPA. I love breweries that use cedar to age with. At first taste it reminded me of a Furthermore beer. "Pepper," I thought. But the bartender assured us that it was cedar. (Think more on the Cigar City lines). It has a nice nose, a bit maltly and pleasantly hopped. It seems to be easier to find Hitachino on draft, but I am a major fan of finding them at bottle shops. Their logo is a sweet piece of art. They use pudgy little pink and orange owls that remind me of something from Urban Outfitters. That sounds like it might be a bad thing, but I am a fan of owl art no matter where it comes from.

Cheers for now.

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