Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Tasting: Batch #20

Molasses and Date Porter
This batch was a fun colaborations with Mi Esposa for the holidays. We decided that there is no greater gift than something handmade. In this case we wanted to be handmade, fermented and around 7% ABV. All gifts need an alcohol content.

I am lying when I said this was a first tasting. I sampled it a few times before I knew that it was significantly carbonated. At room temperature the sugars from the molasses and dates came through great. The aroma was pretty sweet, but the dark fruit had a way of making a bit of funk with the molasses.

After another week, chilled and ready to drink I was pretty pleased with it. Nice, warming alcohol notes smacked your lips leaving them a bit sticky. It is a jet black porter. I that we held back enough on that the black patent malt and it wasn't too bitter, but worked well with the fruit. Giving these up as gifts was a bit difficult. We labeled a few and waxed the caps for a presentable present for the "Feasts for the Dead." The wooden 4 pack holder was a fun gift to make as well. The idea was picked up from BYO magazine.

Cheers and Happy New Year

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