Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tasting: Batch #18

Chocolate Bourbon Cherry Wood Stout
Strong vanilla flavor. A bit overpowering. There is are subtle chocolate notes, the cinnamon comes through in aroma while the bourbon finishes. A slight woody taste from the cherry wood, jet black and a creamy tan head. A pleasant desert beer in the end.

With 8 ounces of cacao powder in the boil and another 3 ounces of dark chocolate in the fermentor I was thinking liquid cake. This batch's separated twin at birth (Chocolate Stout) has those characteristics. This will be a very tweakable recipe to say the least. It is a bit thinner and not as roasty as expected. I will up that portion of barley next time as well as maybe toast some oats and mash a bit higher and up the base malt a few more pounds. It only sits at 7.5% and it should probably have more warming alocohol notes. Come's winter. I like the vanilla a lot though. It was a gift from Belize and probably the richest and most concentrated vanilla extract alive. I give this an overall B-.

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