Monday, June 28, 2010

Cigar City Hunahpu Imperial Stout

oh my, my hunahpu...

I couldn't resist sharing this week, as I was lucky enough to hit up one of my local favorites, Peg's Cantina, and discover that they had an old keg of Cigar City's Hunahpu Stout on draught. has it as the 13th best beer in the U.S., and 17th best in the world. Brewed once a year, this is a bit out of season right now, but I still can't imagine a better way to end an evening with friends. Deep and dark, this beer seems to stain the glass (and I think the 1/2 glass I spilled re-stained the wood floors!). Cigar City calls it a Mayan Chocolate Imperial Stout, and that works - it's got heaps of Peruvian chocolate (although maybe it should be Mexican, Guatemalan, or Belizean - where the Maya live and lived), pasilla chiles, cinnamon and vanilla beans. They say it's "a nod to the frothy cacao drink consumed by the ancient Mayans." If this is what the Mayans were drinking, they sure as heck knew what they were doing! At 11%, this is a hefty brew, and a unique one too. The base stout is certainly yummy, and it does so well with the chocolate and vanilla. Then the chiles come in and leave a slight chocolatey hot-spice at the back of the palate. Oh my, my hunahpu...

This once a year brew seems to be an attempt to rival Three Floyds Dark Lord event, and based on the huge crowds and quick sell-out, Cigar City might be up for the challenge. I just feel lucky to be here for the first couple years of this fabulous brewery. With plans in the works to expand production, more people on the East Coast should be seeing their beers. If you ever see a Hunahpu, grab it! Then stash it away for awhile, because you have one of the best beers in the world in your hands.


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