Saturday, February 6, 2010

Week 5: It's a Rogue Nation My Friends

1. Troegs Mad Elf
2. Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale
3. Rogue Dead Guy
4. Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA
5. North Coast Old Rasputin
6. Rogue Chipotle Ale
7. River Horse Triple Horse

I went for 7 different brew styles this week. Troegs Mad Elf is the only beer that we have to wait until the winter for. Poured a beautiful red, she was a bit spicy, as well as sweet. For a strong belgian dark ale, I think it took having a second one to feel the winter warmth of that 11%, but the complexity to her taste kept me sipping and discovering new flavors. But hold up...I was about to talk about something else.

Rogue Chipotle Ale. I have never had this. I think that with such an extensive lineup that Rogue offers, I constantly reach for Shakespeare, Juniper, Mocca and Dead Guy. Chipotle is exactly what I expected. Malty and spicy. The peppers are quite evident in the aroma and each sip. It's got some smokey-breadiness to it and all the flavors plaster themselves to your palate. It's a sipping beer, very reminiscent to a Rauch. Kind of like a movie that you are not sure if you want to finish, I kept with it and found many nuances that I liked in the end.


  1. Nice week - and great descriptives of the beers!

    Here's one for you: Southampton Cuvee des Fleurs in a 750mL bottle - Ale brewed with Flowers and Rose Water.

    The flowers are lavender, chamomil, calendula, and, hops (of course). It's a recipe from the NY Southampton Brewery, but brewed by Sly Fox at their Royersford, PA facility. Kind of interesting. The brew is a belgian style - not a great one, but drinkable - with a flowery nose and taste. The flowers come off as a little sweet, so it's kind of like a sweet belgian. Definitely an interesting beer, but I had to drink it pretty slow. Overall, enjoyable, and I would give it another try, maybe after aging one for a while.

    Also - I drank this while bottling my "Cupid's Demise" - a chocolate cherry cream ale. Nice.

  2. Nice is right. I will be on the look out for his one. I was at the Royersford brewery two weeks ago. It would have been sweet if they were selling them there.