Friday, August 13, 2010

Philly Beercation 2010: the Other Tippler

So I have had the pleasure of enjoying the first two Beercations put on by our group of friends. The first, in Tampa, FL, had highlights that included an all-day craft beer festival and a visit to Cigar City Brewing, along with a number of excellent beer-pub stops. The second incarnation, this time in Philly, set the bar a little higher. There was no festival this time around, and the brewery visits (Noddinghead and Earth Bread and Brewery) don't quite match up to Cigar City, but we hit some of the best beer houses around, including Monk's Cafe (twice!), Capone's, Eulogy, and Union Jack's on the Manatawny along with many more. This beercation varied too, in that we had friends from out of state (Florida, Texas and New Jersey) join us for various segments. I was lucky enough to stumble through nearly two weeks of this beercation, and I can't wait for our next one!

Here's what I managed to get down as far as the wonderful variety of beers I was able to sample. This covers nearly all of the draught beers I had, but is missing a number of bottles. It makes for a pretty impressive list - one that would be tough to match anywhere else in the world:

Philly Beercation, Summer 2010 (July 22 – August 10)

1. Sargasso IPA (Hand Pump) (D) – Earth Bread and Brewery (7/28)

2. Hill Farmstead Edward Pale Ale (D) - Earth Bread and Brewery (7/28)

3. Chouffe Houblon (D) - Monk’s Café (7/30)

4. Russian River Concecration (D) - Monk’s Café (7/30)

5. Ommegang Zuur (D) - Monk’s Café (7/30)

6. Weihenstephaner Vitus (D) – Brauhaus Schmitz (7/30)

7. Weihenstephaner 1809 Berliner Weiss w/ Shot of Berry Syrup (B) - Brauhaus Schmitz (7/30)

8. Founder’s Cerise (D) – Old Eagle Tavern (7/30)

9. Sixpoint Otis Oatmeal Stout on Nitro (D) - Old Eagle Tavern (7/30)

10. Stillwater Artisan Stateside Saison American Farmhouse Ale (B) - Old Eagle Tavern (7/30)

11. Yard’s Brewing Co ESA (Hand Pump) (D) – Dawson Street Pub (7/30)

12. Dogfish Head Theobroma (D) – Capone’s (7/31)

13. East End Kvass Sour (D) – Capone’s (7/31)

14. Saison du Buff brewed by Stone (B) – the River (7/31)

15. Unibroue Quelque Chose (B) - the River (7/31)

16. Founder’s Red Rye IPA (B) - the River (7/31)

17. Monstre Rouge Imperial Flanders Red Ale (Terrepin/de Proef Brouwerij Collaboration) (B) - the River (7/31)

18. Haandbryggeriet Haandbakk Sour Ale (B) - the River (7/31)

19. Dogfish Head Theobroma (D) – Union Jack’s on the Manatawny (8/1)

20. Stone Imperial Russian Stout (D) - Union Jack’s on the Manatawny (8/1)

21. Lost Abbey Avante Garde Farmhouse Saison (D) – Craft Ale House (8/2)

22. Founder’s Centenial IPA (D) - Craft Ale House (8/2)

23. Southern Tier Mokah (D) - Craft Ale House (8/2)

24. Darkhorse Double Crooked Tree IPA (D) – Old Eagle Tavern (8/4)

25. Sargasso IPA (D) – Earth Bread and Brewery (8/4)

26. Gluteous Minimus Beer Juice - Earth Bread and Brewery (8/4)

27. Russian River Damnation (D) - Earth Bread and Brewery (8/4)

28. Pliny the Elder (D) – Monk’s Café (8/5)

29. Monk’s Café Flemish Sour (D) - Monk’s Café (8/5)

30. La Rulles Estivale (D) - Monk’s Café (8/5)

31. Jandrain Jandreoville IV Saison (D) - Monk’s Café (8/5)

32. Vichtenaar Flemish Ale (D) – Beneluxx (8/5)

33. Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca (D) – Eulogy (8/5)

34. Rodenbach Grand Cru (D) – Eulogy (8/5)

35. Dock Street Rye IPA (D) – Johnny Brenda’s (8/5)

36. Twin Lakes Pale Ale (D) – Johnny Brenda’s (8/5)

37. Philadelphia Brewing Company Rowhouse Red – Johnny Brenda’s (8/5)

38. Victory Hop Devil (Hand Pump) (D) – Dawson Street Pub (8/6)

39. Yard’s Brewing Co Thomas Jefferson Ale (Hand Pump) (D) – Dawson Street Pub (8/6)

40. Flying Dog Raging Bitch Belgian IPA (D) - Manayunk Tavern (8/6)

41. Yard’s Brewing Co. Brawler Strong Ale (D) – Grape Street Pub (8/6)

42. Prism Tea Party Pale Ale (D) – Old Eagle Tavern (8/6)

43. Ich bin ein Berliner Weiss (D) – Noddinghead Brewery (8/7)

44. Grog: Cask Conditioned English Style Brown Ale (D) – Noddinghead Brewery (8/7)

45. Long Trail Double IPA (D) – the Irish Pole (8/7)

46. Yard’s Brewing Co. Saison (D) – Standard Tap (8/7)

47. Stout’s Brewing Co. Double IPA (D) – Standard Tap (8/7)

48. Victory Brewing Co. Bitter (D) – the 700 Club (8/7)

49. Torrey Pines IPA (D) – the 700 Club (8/7)

50. Furthermore Fatty Boombalatty (D) – City Tap House (8/8)

51. Rogue John John Juniper Pale Ale (D) – City Tap House (8/8)

52. Iron Hill Nut Brown Ale (D) – Iron Hill Brewery Phoenixville (8/9)

53. Dogfish Head India Brown Ale (D) – Farmacia (8/10)

House Beers Drank Throughout the Week (Bottles)

1. Heavy Seas Big DIPA

2. Founder’s Porter

3. Southern Tier Crème Brulee Stout

4. Dogfish Head Namaste

5. Dogfish Head Festina Peche

6. Jolly Pumpkin ES Bam Hoppy Farmhouse Ale (bad bottle)

7. Port Brewing Wipe Out IPA

8. Three Floyd’s Alpha King Pale Ale

9. Green Flash Brewing West Coast IPA

10. Saison du Buff brewed at Dogfish Head

11. Furthermore ThermoRefur – ale brewed with pepper and beets

12. Dogfish Head Wrath of Pecant

Homebrews from Fellow Beer Nuts (Draft and Bottles)

From Jules: Pale Ale (D)

Belgian Blonde (D)

Imperial Stout (D)

Rye Ale (D)

From Kevin: High Five IPA (B)

From Tim: WheatPA (B)

From Ben: Pale Ale (B)


Wheat Ale (B)

Can you tell that we all love our beer?!?! Thanks to everyone who made it out for this one, and may we all enjoy many more Beercations in the future!


  1. When you look at it in writing, it's just a bit scary.

    Awesome time. Can't wait till the next one!

  2. Glad I was the one to get the breathalizer!!!